Post #5 – Review Posts

Today’s post will be a review of a particular product, place, or event in your niche. These are popular and helpful posts – they allow your readers to rely upon your expertise while making decisions about their purchases. You’ll find posts like this all over the blogosphere – they are generally very popular.

Some qualities of a good review post:

Be specific – Talk about specific features or qualities of the item, place, or event that you are reviewing. Feel free to use “insider” language; you’re talking directly to your readers, a group of people passionate about your topic.

Display expertise – Make sure that you’re writing about something that you’ve actually spent some time using. Making guesses about a product isn’t helpful to your readers, they can do that themselves. Write about something that you’ve experienced extensively and describe that experience.

Go in-depth – There’s enough publicity speak around any existing product or service, and it’s generally vaguely positive. You’re an expert of the subject, so you can dig deeper than that. If you’re reviewing an album, talk about every track. If you’re reading a book, take it chapter by chapter. If you’re talking about a movie, take it scene by scene.

Be honest but tasteful – If you don’t like the product, and then make sure that you let people know about that. There’s a good chance that they’ll share your opinion. Don’t rant about the product senselessly though. Certainly give reasons for your negative opinions and prepare to defend them. On the other side, if you like the product, say that too. Don’t over glorify it though, just give the honest facts.

Don’t be dry – The more interesting you can make your topic, the better. Try opening with some sort of thought-provoking statement around your product. Explain that statement a little bit and then go into your review. At that point, the facts of your review can back up your initial statement. It’s not a piece or creative writing, but it can at least be interesting.

Start by choosing your product and then doing a Google for it. If there are too many existing reviews (5 or more), take one of two strategies:

  • Find something completely different that you can say about the product and go for it
  • Find a different product to review
  • Your review should be 500 – 700 words.

    Here are some examples of review posts:

    Comic Book Review – Chew, Vol. 1

    Book Review: How Beautiful The Ordinary, 12 Stories Of Identity

    iPhone App Review: Flight Before Christmas

    CD Review: Esta Plena, Miguel Zenon


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